Two Things the Churchs Doesn’t Talk About Part I: Money

Money Management in ChurchIn my studies I’ve read books that state a pastor gets a “Pass” once a year to talk about money from the pullpit. Meanwhile we are all (myself included) up to our eyeballs in debt. God gives us plenty, and we throw it away on things we want instead of things we need. We hear that voice in our head, “If only I could buy this one thing then I would be…” it’s a lie. We buy it (often on credit) and a feww weeks later we are facinated by the new bright and shinny object and we think, “If only I could buy…”

Then we go to God, “God I need money!” Well if you gave money to a firend and the squondered it all away, would you give them more?

Christ said in John 4:14 when he was tlaking to the Woman at the well, “whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

Get Educated About Money

Get Davey Ramsey's Book FreeThere are two great resources for learning about money. One is Dave Ramsey and the other is Crown Ministries. Both have online learning tutorials (for around one hundred dollars). If that’s too high a price, I’ve ead both their books. I love Dave Ramsey’s  Total Money Makeover Dave is very entertaining and has some great (depressing) stats on how we spend out money, and how we can get back on track. Realize we didn’t get in debt over night, and its going to take time to dig ourselves out.

Another Great Ministry is Corwn Ministries. They have all sort of tools to help you calculate your debt, develop plans, find training, etc. In fact Dave and Crown ministries are so siilar I’m surprised someone didn’t sue the other as they both are promoting the same ideas with different names. I liked the Book Your Money Map: A Proven 7-Step Guide to True Financial Freedomas its more of a story with great insights *than Dave just telling you to quit spending money and being stupd).

You can get both books (total money makeover or Your Money Map) at if you’re new to audible you can get one book for free just for signing up.

Know Where Your Money is Going

If you’re asking yourself at the end of the month, “Where did our money go?” I’ve got a FREE solution. It’s - Take Control of Your Money
You tie your online banking into this system (its secure – run by the people who make quicken software) and it helps organize and categorize your spending. In other words, you spend 55 at Giant Eagle (a supermarket in Ohio) it comes into Mint and I can classify it as “groceries.” Then at the end of the month you can see exactly where your money went (I was crushed to see how much I spend at McDonald’s and then wonder why I’m not losing weight – sheesh!).

The catch? It’s free as there will be advertising in the system. When they see (for example) how much you spend on car insurance they may let you know if there is a way to save on that (and that’s not a bad idea). Check it out at

This show is brought to you in part by the lovely people at who have grat Cristian t-shirts, jewelry, and accessories. Check them out at

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