Some Ugly Truth

I was ready the book about the questions Christians don’t want people to ask. In the chapter on abortion it goes into detail about what actually happens. It turns out there are many creative ways to kill an unborn child. This includes cutting it to pieces, burning it, and sucking its brain out. I wish I was kidding. It sounded like something made up when I read it.

So why bring it up?

I’m not here to talk about the fine line of rape and insest. Let’s stick with just the obvious “I’m 23, I got drunk, I made a mistake – again – and now I need to “fix it” kind of abortion. the kind that is basically a form of birth control.

According to the book:

1.3 million children annually in the United States alone—more every year than the combined number of Americans killed in the Revolutionary War; the Civil War; World Wars I and II; and the Korean, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghan wars—what could be more important? This is especially true when we realize that a staggering number of almost fifty million unborn Americans have been killed through abortions in the past forty years alone.98

I don’t think all those children were rapes.

The bible says that God knows us when we were in the womb (Pslam 139). John the Baptist kicked when Mary entered his home. It wasn’t the “mound of flesh” it says the child kicked.

Some say, “Well the bible doesn’t CLEARLY ban abortion. It also doesn’t CLEARLY ban cannibalism. Some things should be unthinkable.

It is interesting that if a mother who is pregnant is murdered, the killer is charged with two deaths, however the US law denies the status of personhood.

The good news is we are all sinners. That’s good news? Well maybe not, but those who come to Christ can have their sins forgiven. We don’t have to identify ourselves with those acts we regret. We can align ourselves with HIS will and HIS plan for our lives and we will see and feel a new strength in Christ to take on any situation. All things are possible with Christ.

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