What if We Treated the Bible Like Our Phone?

I can’t take credit for the original question, but I have expanded on it.

What if we treated the bible like our cell phone?

What if we treated our bible like our cell phoneWould we buy it a cool case so it would stay in great condition?
Would it be in our pocket or purse wherever we go?
Would we get half way to work and turn around to go get it?
Would we have a “Family plan” so we could all share it?
Would we have an unlimited data package so we didn’t have to worry about how much we used it?
Would people wait in lines to get the newest translations?
Would we feel absolutely lost without it and offer rewards to anyone who found it?
Would we attach tracking devices to locate it via GPS?
Would we be more comfortable asking people what are your favorite parts? Like we ask about our favorite apps?
Would we give it to our children to keep them occupied?
Would every twelve year old feel they were entitled to one because “Everyone has one but me”?
Would we “Share” cool stuff we found on twitter and facebook?
Would we legally tie ourselves to it for two years?
Would it be the first thing we check when we get up, and the last thing we read before we go to bed?
Would we read it in line at the grocery store, or while you wait for your waitress to come back?
Would we be reminded a thousand times, “Please quit reading the bible during the feature presentation” before a movie.
Would we have “Genius Pews” instead of genius bars?
Would there be signs at Subway stating, “Please no bible reading” while in line.
Would we make arrangements to keep it charged on the road?
Would we buy insurance to cover it if we lost it?
Would we spend $3 a day (or more) to use it?
Would we let a stranger use it in a pinch?
Would the slick commercials say, “Yeah, there’s a verse for that..”

Your phone allows you to stay connect with family, friends, and the world. The bible helps you stay connected to God who made your family, friends, and world.

Can you hear me now?

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